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VXMOB is a five man rap group out of London who have a number of low-key records under their belt. They released their record ‘S On My Chest’ at the end of 2017 but this week they shared the music video for the cut. The crew mobs throughout London and if you couldn’t tell the group’s chemistry by the track itself, it’s very apparent from this video. They have a great sound developing and at this point, it’s only a matter of time before things take off.

A relatively new name on London’s exploding rap scene is VXMOB, who burst into the scene 8 months ago with their debut project VX Sounds Vol. 1.
Combining different elements of the UK and US sounds, the five man team bring their own vibe, flow patterns and vocal style. S On My Chest is a solid track which has been making the rounds on the Soundcloud, and has been given an exciting new video which adds more context to who they are as a group.

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Based in: UK

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