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Sadie Lee

Sadie Lee.

Sadie Lee has worked as a Massage Therapist for 15 years. From touring with various world-famous musicians, Sadie understands the impact a career in music can have on the body. Developing her massage style through years of experience, she prides herself on her Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage techniques. Sadie strives to help others and spread positivity through every connection. Prevent future pain and provide your body with optimal release and relaxation. Book with Sadie, today.

Sadie’s most notable achievements include working and touring with various world-famous musicians. Her desire to help others has, further, driven her to provide massages to the homeless and other vulnerable populations.

Sadie graduated in 2003 from Thames Valley College with a Holistic and Nutrition Diploma in London, and from Morley College in 2007 with a City & Guilds Diploma in Level 3 Sports Massage. She chose massage therapy for her love of bodywork, to work with others, and to provide optimal health and wellness services. Through 15 years of experience, Sadie has developed strong intuitive thumbs and a renowned massage style, specifically in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

Her life motto, ‘keep moving forward,’ demonstrates her positivity, strength, zest for life, and openness. Previous clients have praised Sadie for her “magical touch” and her remediating ability in regards to migraine relief.

Sadie enjoys a varied taste in music, including classical, soul, rock, and dance. Her experience working with musicians demonstrates her understanding of the music industry and the toll a career in music can take on the body. Sadie can provide deep pressure techniques to release muscle tension, techniques targeting injury prevention, and massage styles geared toward recovery methods after a long recording session or performance.

Perform your best. Take care of yourself first. Book your massage with Sadie, today.

Wokingham Berkshire, England

Massage Therapist