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Caroline Rabelo

Caroline Rabelo.

Have you ever wondered why fashion and music play such a huge role in defining pop culture? According to Caroline Rabelo, it’s because each art form has the power to transformus. Chances are, you've noticed Caroline’s work in Hollywood already. Based in New York City, she worked as a senior designer on the Adam Levine collection, which the singer wore on the hit series “The Voice” and throughout the Maroon 5 tour in 2015. Caroline has also produced designs for a range of celebrity brands (including Nicki Minaj, Wendy Williams, Whitney Port, Eva Longoria, Julianne Hough, and Steve Harvey).

She draws inspiration from a wide range of taste in music: everything from indie rock bands like Cold War Kids to hip hop artists like Kendrick Lamar. “If it gets me dancing or at least singing the words out loud, that’s my type of music.”

It all started with curiosity.
Caroline’s worked in fashion for the last decade, but she fell in love with designing from a young age. Her interest in style developed from an intense curiosity with people–she grew up studying how people interacted with each other and their world. “I feel like people-watching gave me insight on how a person wants to feel in their garments…and how they want the world to see them,” she told us.

Caroline’s observations helped her realized…clothing has the potential to give you an edge.

She knew as teenager that she wanted to follow the path into fashion. In high school, she saved up her allowance to pay for weekend classes at FIT. During the summer? Instead of spending her vacation relaxing, Caroline devoted herself to taking summer classes at the renowned fashion school.

She knew just how tough it was to get accepted into their program. With this in mind, she decided the only way to get accepted was by learning straight from the FIT teachers what they were looking for in a candidate. And that was just the beginning.

Reinvent yourself.

Define your brand. Work with Caroline to take your vision from a daydream to reality. By the end of your first conversation, you’ll feel confident that your brand is in good hands. She looks 10 steps ahead — conceptualizing designs before you even have the prototype finished.

She’ll use your emotions and creative imagination to inspire a design you can share with your fans. Her attention to subtle detail lets you embrace endless color combinations, prints, and texture…without overdoing it. Want to create wearable art? Caroline’s work will make a statement that strikes a cord with your fans. You’re a creator of music. Now you can create fashion too.