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Ayaka Nishi

Ayaka Nishi.

Ayaka’s signature take on wearable art is turning heads in the music industry too. You can spot her jewelry worn in music videos, like Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade” and #throughglass, a concept film by FKA Twigs. She has worked in the fashion industry for over 18 years, but Ayaka’s fascination with nature started when she was young. Raised in Kagoshima, a small town in southern Japan, she grew up with a strong appreciation for art, music, and the beauty of earth.

Exclusive jewelry inspired by nature.
In a city buzzing with creative energy, Ayaka Nishi is a breath of fresh air.

The jewelry designer is best known in New York City for her intriguing work that replicates the natural artistry of earth. Inspired by organic textures and patterns found in nature, her award-winning work has been featured in television, film, and fashion magazines around the globe.

Her passion for creativity led her to explore art in Tokyo, where she studied Art History and Esthetics in university. Ayaka credits her education with creating a key balance of technical knowledge with arts and fashion.

Every item is carefully handcrafted from start to finish inside her studio. Ayaka strives to source her materials locally in New York City. The labor and detail involved to create each original item makes collaborating with her perfect for a memorable performance or video.

Handmade in New York City.

Jewelry is the finishing touch on your personal brand.

Are you ready to own an original look? Work with Ayaka to create a custom design you won’t see on anyone else. You’ll hold jewelry that reflects your individuality as a performer.

Inside her design studio you’ll find metal transformed into mysterious spider webs in the shape of rings. Silver skeletal bones encrusted with shiny diamonds to wrap around your finger. Bold cuff bracelets that mimic the impressive geometry of honeycombs. Elaborate necklaces made from soft leather and cut into the patterns of fish scales.