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Artist Serve

For Creators, Forward-Thinkers and Change-Makers

An ARTist-first music platform making it simpler than ever to launch or manage a thriving music career

ARTIST SERVE is a modern, full-service, and fully transparent artist-first platform….

THAT offers everything an artist needs for a thriving mind, body and career…

FOR a new generation of artists looking for a place to nurture their careers…

Free yourself to focus on your creativity in your music and song-writing, Build your fan base, and enjoy the success you deserve.
We are putting the art back in artist. With an artist-first approach we’re taking the confusion and limitations out of the music industry. We’re making it simpler than ever for you to launch or manage your thriving music career.


When We Say “Full-Service” We Really Mean It

Earn More, Faster Thanks to our tech-forward approach you’ll earn payments faster and more accurately

Full Transparency & Traceability Creating transparency and confidence in an often fragmented music ecosystem. Automated matching and validation on world-wide sales

Streamlining Your Sales  Whether your business is direct with Digital Service Providers, or aggregated by one or more digital distributors we’re pulling it all into one seamless system

All in One Place Royalty processing, metadata management and sales analysis that integrates seamlessly with your accounting system

Build Your Brand Through Tour Merchandise Work with the industry’s most talented designers to bring your music brand to life

Diversify & Track Your Revenue Through Branded Merchandise Project revenue, track inventory, artist/venue splits, and associated taxes.

Track Tour Finances in Real-Time Transaction details and easy-to-read ledgers are available at the click of a button

Event Mapping & Guest List Management Plan your events, manage attendees and your schedule without picking up a phone

The Best Service Providers In the Business From nutrition to massage therapists, physical therapists and psychotherapists we’ve got everything you need for a healthy mind and body

Discretion Is Everything Our providers work with the biggest names in the industry and go through a heavy vetting process to ensure the utmost discretion

Support Around the Clock and Around the World Whether it’s 9am in London of 5pm in New York, we’re meeting your needs wherever you are

Up-to-Date Intel at the Click of a Button Make business decisions based on real-time and really accurate analytics

Easy-to-Understand We make the complicated simple so you can spend less time deciphering reports and more time making music

Tech-Forward IBM Watson / Cloud database all summarised for simple to understand reportings

Cross-Platform Distribution Upload and set up a fully functioning, customized Digital Music Distribution service with Royalty Reporting easily and seamlessly

Catalogue Management Effortlessly upload and track albums across multiple platforms—all in one hub

Physical Distribution with Proven Partners Leveraging our platform and team of tried-and-true publicists we’re getting your music into the right hands (and ears) around the world.

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All the Administration services I need ...all in one place

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Connect with our pool of established consultants and build a killer personal brand.


Artistserve is utilising proven administration, royalty and publishing technology that has supported the industry for over 20 years. We have pulled it together into one system for our artists to get the full 360 degree solution. Our Analytics and forecasting is second to none.


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"Meet the Art: All the Administration services I need ...all in one place"


" As reaching the masses becomes more and more fragmented, one thing remains true – radio is still the most effective and direct way at reaching the most amount of people in a fast period of time."


"Artist-Serve is a one stop solution for anything an artist may require whether they are performing or releasing their music. On tour, in the studio, legally registering or distributing their sounds!"