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Distribution & Promotion That Gets Your Music Into the Hands and Hearts of Fans Around the World

Easy-Breezy Catalogue Management

Our software simplifies catalogue management and allows you to effortlessly upload and track albums across multiple platforms—all in one hub

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Cross-Platform Distribution

Upload and set up a fully functioning, customized Digital Music Distribution service with royalty reporting easily and seamlessly

Publicity to Support Your Growing Brand

Leveraging our platform and team of tried-and-true publicists we’re getting your music into the right hands (and ears) around the world. Our publicity service taps the right markets and outlets to make sure that your fans hear about your releases, first.

We Speak Your Language

The industry has enough barriers—language certainly shouldn’t be one of them. Whatever corner of the globe you’re in—our translation services ensure that your message is received the way it was intended


Consultants for your needs