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Rights & Royalties Management, Making the Complicated Simple

Administration is Everything

Utilizing Korrect Software, the gold-standard platform for royalties management, we’re taking the mystery out of calculations. We know how frustrating it can be to spend countless hours trying to decipher complicated transactions and hidden monies. We’ve spent thousands of hours creating the world’s most sophisticated systems that are trusted by leading labels, artists and platforms around the globe. We’re doing the heavy lifting so you focus on what’s most important—your music.

Making Publishing Simple & More Lucrative

Earn more, regularly: Thanks to our sophisticated algorithms, you’ll earn payments faster and more accurately—so creators and publishers can kick back and focus on the music

Latest Blog.

Neighboring Rights Are Our Jam

Our tech-forward approach allows us to search every corner of the globe to find your money. “Automated matching and validation on world-wide sales” is our middle name

Need Admin Support? We Do That Too!

We handle all registrations, copyright, mechanicals and recording. Yup, we weren’t kidding when we said full-service.

See How Your Business Is Doing with the Click of a Button

Our crystal clear analytics and dashboard give you and your teams crucial information at key times—without needing an advanced math degree

Peace of Mind is Free

Allow your business to run on autopilot. Think less time and stress managing spreadsheets and more time in the recording studio


Consultants for your needs